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Charlotte Russe Customer Service Number

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Charlotte Russe Holding, Inc.

5910 Pacific Center Blvd. Suite 120

San Diego, CA 92121,

United States


Headquarters: San Diego, California, United States

Founded: 1975

CEO: Jenny Ming (Oct 2009–)

Number of locations: 558

Founders: Frank Lawrence, Charlotte Russe, Daniel Lawrence, Larry Lawrence

Parent organization: Advent International

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    Dana2 months ago

    I recently signed up to receive emails. For doing so, I received a 10% off my entire purchase coupon. with excitement, I perused the website and found my favorite jeans were still in stock. So I purchased 3 pairs of jeans on the Charlotte Russe website order # 06-cencored). with multiple attempts I tried to add the coupon code. It would not take and did not show an error message as to why. Thus, I thought it would deduct once I completed the order, as some website I use apply the discount once the order is placed. So, I clicked enter and my order was processed, but without the 10% discount. I tried calling corporate, but the customer service center is closed and no longer taking calls. I sent an email explain the situation. I was told that they would not provide me with the 10% discount and refund it back to my card because the coupon is only for items with 99 in it. I explained that no where on the coupon does it state that or even have small print with exclusions. the coupon I was given clearly states”10% off entire purchase”. I am deeply disappointed that with a $60 purchase I cannot receive the coupon I was offered.



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