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DailySale Customer Service Number

Phone Number:







DailySale, Inc.

2524 N Andrews Ave Ext.

Pompano Beach FL 33064


DailySale Website

URL: www.DailySale.com

Livechat: –

Facebook: facebook.com/dailysalecom/

Twitter: twitter.com/dailysale_com

Instagram: instagram.com/dailysale/

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/daily-sale-inc-/

YouTube: youtube.com/channel/UClxq9OeGlCpJgKpEzyO-Yug

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  1. author

    Barbara Birchler8 months ago

    Bought a Apple miniIpad need to know if the carting case and keyboard is compatible

  2. author

    Angela McKenzie7 months ago

    If my experience with Daily Sale return policy is any example then I advise potential to run and not have any dealings with this company.

  3. author

    Rosemary Franks7 months ago

    Expected my order by now, wondering when to expect it. Please show me my orders placed in

  4. author

    Rosemary Franks7 months ago

    Please contact me regarding where is my order.

  5. author

    jo hogan7 months ago

    wish to return a item.

  6. author

    marysia6 months ago

    I would like some one to call me back re my order 101567504

  7. author

    Avis Beaver6 months ago

    I ordered a Quilted Fanny Pack from you on January 23rd and I have not yet received it. The order
    # is 101621713, would you check on it for me please. You have already charged me for it.
    my name is Avis Beaver And my email address is beaveravis@yahoo.com Please contact me re{ this

  8. author

    jack mayer5 months ago

    on March 1st I received my Apple I Phone which we had ordered, our carrier is Verizon, the sticker on the back of the phone is from Verizon, but now you are telling us it is not compatible with our carrier. I have taken it into Verizon twice to put a sim card in, it will not take one, I have also taken it to a repair shop, he reprogrammed it, it still does not take the sim card. Verizon also tells me the reader board for the sim card does not work. We now need to return it for a refund! Our order # is 101678136.

  9. author

    Michael Goguts3 months ago


    I am inquiring about the status of my order #101854839. Has it been received? Has is shipped? When can it be expected?

  10. author

    michael j. mastro3 months ago

    you stole from me by scamin me in for gold,
    doint doint by any gold from you because you are lyers
    a thefe.
    you should be ashamed

  11. author

    Frances Morgan2 months ago

    They have NO CUSTOMER SERVICE and you cannot get a message through to them. aLSO NO PHONE NUMBER. If you send them an email you get back a “canned” message and not a real answer. I tried to fill out their form for returns and their Captcha wouldn’t permit me to click submit. Sooo much trouble with this company. It has taught me a valuable lesson to thoroughly check out any online company before ordering. They are shysters!!! DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM!

  12. author

    Beryl B. Proctor2 weeks ago

    I have ordered 3 dresses from you guys on june 23.2019 order number 10192**** I never received my order and no one gave me a reason my dbt was paid with my credit card in the mean time i didn’t get no order. heres my order number please respond

  13. author

    Marcia Willard3 days ago

    The copper bread box came and was damaged so bad can not use it! What do I need to do?


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