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This post contains detailed information about the Grubhub customer service telephone number, address and email for coupon, tracking order, driver for work or restaurant. We also present the social network link of the Grubhub food delivery service Company.

Grubhub Contact customer service

Grubhub Logo

Grubhub Customer Service

Phone Number:

1-877-585-1085 (24/7 Hours)

1-877-585-7878 (Toll Free)


Email: (for driver and restaurants)

Grubhub Website








Grubhub HeadQuarters Offices


111 W. Washington Street,

Suite 2100 (btwn N LaSalle St & N Clark St)

Chicago, Illinois 60602

United State


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  1. author

    Marilyn Petrik9 months ago

    Worse web site ever. I was trying to find out were you deliver to .I live in Sweet Home Oregon, want to know if you deliver here.

  2. author

    Susan Mott4 months ago

    There is NEVER any promo codes for existing customers. I called the number above (24hr) got someone I couldn’t understand (!) and she said there were no codes she could give me!!!!!

  3. author

    Gary2 months ago

    Hello, My name is Gary Wiley and I live in Berkeley CA. My food was not delivered because the driver did not attempt to get out of his car and come to the door as diirected in the “notes to the delivery person”. Instead, he sent texts and e-mails and then when he did call us, he said that he tried to call twenty times and couldn’t get through. He lied his way out of doing his job and whined to my wife and his boss that he couldn’t get through. I contacted their customer service line and they lied also and wanted to give me 19.99 as a “courtesy” discount towards my next order. Meanwhile I’m charged 54.00 for my missing meal. The customer service person said that they sent e-mails and texts also to inform me of my meal delivery but didn’t have any sense either to instruct his driver to go to the door either! So, how is food to be delivered when it was written out clearly what to do? Absolutely pitiful!

  4. author

    Gary2 months ago

    Hello again, My name is Gary Wiley from Berkeley again. I contacted the Grub Hub toll free number and gave the case number I had to the agent. I have to say that the agent was exceptionally polite, heard my story and looked at the facts of my case. I was given a complete refund of my money and as a token of good faith, given the “courtesy” thing also. I hope that the call results in the driver and the agent who also lied be removed from the company immediately. Both people are poor representatives of GrubHub.


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