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Hallmark Channel Customer Service Number

Phone Number:






Crown Media Holdings

12700 Ventura Boulevard

Suite 200

Studio City, CA 91604

United States


Headquarters: Studio City, California, United States

CEO: William J. Abbott (Jan 2000–)

Founded: August 5, 2001

Motto: The heart of TV

Parent organization: Crown Media Holdings

Hallmark Channel Website

URL: www.hallmarkchannel.com

Livechat: –

Facebook: facebook.com/hallmarkchannel

Twitter: twitter.com/hallmarkchannel

Instagram: instagram.com/hallmarkchannel/

LinkedIn: –

YouTube: –


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  1. author

    Rebecca. Houston, Tx1 year ago

    l love Lori Loughlin and hope to see a lot of her in future films and shows. She is paying for her mistakes through the legal system and that is enough

    • author

      DB4 months ago

      Since you have caved to 2% of the country and their sick way of life . I’m GONE! This in NOT normal. You make me sick. Once again money over morals. Never will watch or buy anything from you again.

  2. author

    JJ12 months ago

    NO WAY She,Lori Loughlin, does not represent what Halmark claims to be.
    She knew what she was doing was illegal. Just another entitled rich celebrity that thinks she can do what ever she wants. She has the money to pay for her daughter’s education. Isn’t that already a privilege?. Smart poor kids don’t have as much of a chance.

  3. author

    Sandy4 months ago

    I am so sad; canceled my DirecTV. If your channel becomes “smut” with anti family ads and shows we are all done with you. Myself and my 37 and 33 year old daughters. Why are you catering to those that would never turn on your channel only want to see it’s demise.

  4. author

    Craig Elliott4 months ago

    Hallmark has apparently embraced the deviant side of the sick society, so I won’t be watching anymore, and I won’t be visiting or buying from their sponsors… the Hallmark Channel can suck it…

  5. author

    gary paynter4 months ago

    Just canceled our cable (Spectrum) account because of your (Hallmark’s) advertising decisions. We don’t hate you, we hate your sinful decisions. Just to be fair, we sin as well. We are all sinners by nature. We pray we make decisions pleasing to God. May God bless.

  6. author

    marcia3 months ago

    Watched Double Holiday and was surprised that no one at Hallmark knew that the candles on the Chanukah menorah are lit from the right. The actress lit the candles twice starting from the left. No Jewish employees at Hallmark who could advise you?


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