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Iberia Contact Customer Service

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Iberia Airline Customer Service Number

Phone Number:




New York. Airport office

JFK Int`l Airport-Terminal 7


Destinations: 89

Bag information: In economy, within Europe, prices vary by itinerary. To other destinations, 1st bag free, 2nd bag varies by itinerary. More Iberia bag information

Alliance: Oneworld

Frequent-flyer program: Iberia Plus; (Part of Avios Loyalty program)

Subsidiaries: Iberia Express, Air Nostrum, Iberia L.A.E. S.A.

Hub: Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport

Iberia Airline Website

URL: www.iberia.com

Livechat: –

Facebook: facebook.com/iberia

Twitter: twitter.com/iberia_en

Instagram: instagram.com/iberia/

LinkedIn: –

YouTube: –

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    Harold5 months ago

    pretty bad customer services… Double invoice for just one service.. and after 10 requested for fixed the situation, only absurd and inconsistent answer… flight between Madrid and Shanghai… but like I heard, that kind of situation is very common in any company flight, be careful about that…


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