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This post contains detailed information about Travelocity service phone number, mailing address for Complaints, Feedbacks or Career. We also present the social network link of the Travelocity Company.

Travelocity Customer Service Number

Phone Number:

1-888-872-8356 (within US)

1-210-477-1089 (outside US)

Email: (Australia) (Hong Kong) (India) (Singapore)


3150 Sabre Drive

Southlake, TX 76092, USA

Phone: 1 682 605 1000


Customer service: +1 417-520-5312

Headquarters: Dallas, Texas, United States

Founder: Terry Jones

Founded: January 1996

Parent organization: Expedia

Subsidiaries:, LM Travel Services Ltd., ZUJI Travel Pte Ltd.,

Travelocity Website


Livechat: –






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  1. author

    Doria Yunda2 years ago

    Hello, I booked a stayed in Punta Cana for February 2020, but I cancelled the reservations.

    When I can expect the reimburse of the charge for about USD2,000.00 that you made to my credit card?

    The charge was on November 23, 2019. I need this to be fix asap, otherwise I have to pay the bank about this that I am not going to use.

    Kind regards,

    Doria Yunda

  2. author

    Eva Escalona1 year ago

    My itinerary # 7479censored. I want to cancel may return trip because of the corona virus outbreak in china since my flight has a stop over in Hongkong . I’m 73 years old & I have health issues so I’m scared of stopping in Hongkong because of corona virus issue. I’ve called twice & waited over 1 hour
    & told they will get back to me & never did. I went to facebook & was told I have to call customer service because I have to pay cancellation fee. I’m already losing money for cancelling & I still have to pay cancellation fee? I don’t think that’s fair.Please help resolve this issue. I don’t care about refund just cancel the return trip.

  3. author

    andrew roseto1 year ago

    i’ve been trying to reach Travelocity for 2 full days now. i wait on hold for an hour at a time just to be disconnected. i cancelled my reservation online yesterdat 3/13 for itinerary #75155censored.
    I should be receiving credit for the flights but i have not been contacted . all i see is that the first half of my flight has already been completed and i am not even on the plane. i had to cancel due to health risks. can anyone please e-mail me back or call to let me know that you are still open for operations??? This experience with travelocity has been more than upsetting. and i’ve used you numerous times.

  4. author

    Phyllis Sodine1 year ago

    Obviously you are overwhelmed due to the Covid 19 virus. You need to supply phone numbers that can be manned. This is a health issue and if you are asking us to wait until 7 days before the trip and then you cannot get through – how is this a help or service. With everyone trying to help – your company is failing miserably. Next step is to bring this situation to the News stations.

  5. author

    Rebecca Ann Mathews1 year ago

    Same as everyone else. I am trying to cancel a car rental from a dealer that is price gouging due to the COVID stuff. I had time to cancel in the 24hr window but there is noone on the phone and none of the social media, autobots can cancel for me… So do I just eat the money that I was told wouldn’t even be charged until check in? It has already come out of my account!

  6. author

    Lesley Monson1 year ago

    I’m extremely frustrated because I’ve tried to reach someone for over 24 hours and I can’t talk with anybody. Nothing works and you can’t get through. I wanted to leave my vacation early.

  7. author

    mary jarrell1 year ago

    I’ve also been trying to cancel, I keep getting hung up on, and your web site is a joke, I think it went through but I didn’t get confirmation email me please

  8. author

    Jose M.1 year ago

    This company is a joke. Id rather pay full price at the hotel than ever use any of these travel services again. The hotel could have given me a full refund but this travel site wants to charge fees for canceling. Expedia owns all these travel companies and Booking owns the rest. Id rater pay the extra 10% for piece of mind.

  9. author

    James Simmons1 year ago

    I cancelled my itinerary (#7100*********) on March 5th due to the covid-19 outbreak. I was scheduled to board a cruise ship on March 6th. Since then we (USA) are in a state of emergency. Travelocity has changed its refund policy since I cancelled. I contacted the airlines but they insisted I need to go to Travelocity. I rescheduled the cruise for March 2021 and I simply would like credit for all three of my airline tickets.


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