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This post contains detailed information about customer service telephone number, mailing address for order information, etc. We also present the social network link of the ZAGG Inc Consumer electronics company.

Zagg Inc Customer Care

Zagg Logo

ZAGG Inc Customer Service

Phone Number:

  • 1-801-839-3906 (global)
  • 1-800-700-9244/ZAGG (US)
  • 44.207.365.2400 (UK)
  • (Ireland)

ZAGG Inc Website






Google+: Mailing Address


910 West Legacy Center Way, Suite 500

Midvale, UT 84047 U.S

ZAGG International

103 Shannon Industrial Estate,

Shannon, County Clare, Ireland


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  1. author

    Lon O'Connell2 months ago

    Good Morning,

    My I Phone 7 plus failed and was unrepairable. Verizon ordered me a new phone through my Extended Warranty on the evening of 9-13-19. I asked Verizon Rep about the Zagg Screen Protector. Would Verizon or Apple cover it as the Protector itself had not failed. The Verizon Rep said no and asked if I had registered my screen protector. I answered yes. He said just file a claim with Zagg. I asked what do I say the reason for replacement is. He said just say it cracked or broke. I said isn’t that lying. He said it was not lying, if you try to take it off it will crack or break. Rep said it was to late to get overnight for Friday 9-14-19 and that the new phone would arrive on Monday 4-17-19. I filled out a Zagg Claim Form on Friday also. The phone arrived on Monday and the Protector arrived the following Saturday I believe. I took my phone & new screen protector down to Verizon to ask if they would install it as they are very experienced at doing so. The Rep opened the Zagg box and said this was the wrong protector. He said mine was a Tempered Glass Protector and this new one was a vinyl type. Apparently when I registered mine I picked the wrong protector model to register. Makes sense seeing as how the Rep threw the box away after installing it and once I tried to register at home I had no clue as to the Model #. I just picked a Model & registered it. So now what do I do? First, your product did not fail but was advised by Verizon Rep to file claim as broken anyways. Second, Rep never told me I had to ship old protector back when new one arrived. I sent the old phone back with protector still attached to the phone. Third, now I have wrong replacement protector. How do I get the wrong protector back to Zagg? And lastly can I get a new Tempered Glass Protector replacement or must I go to Verizon and buy a new one?

    I understand if I must buy a new one. Feel Verizon or Apple should replace as it was the failure of the product they sold me causing the protector to have to be replaced. Verizon stands firm that they will not replace and that Zagg will. The replacement protector was shipped to me on Order Number M2W00censored. Zagg has my mailing address on the aforementioned Order Number.

    Thank you for listening to my long story. I eagerly await your response.

    Lon O’Connell


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